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    The most advanced energy saving night blinds on the market.
    When your store is closed after business hours, your refrigeration cases are still working, so why should you just leave them open, releasing cold air and wasting energy? Miatech's Aspis Night Blinds are a powerful solution that will cut your energy cost, reduce product loss and extend product shelf life.
    Energy Savings up to 41%

    Miatech’s Aspis night blinds have shown energy savings from 8% to as much as 41%. In all cases, the end users have been delighted with the results.

    Extended Shelf Life

    Aspis Night Blinds help refrigeration systems to keep product temperatures at an optimal level, which results in the prolonged shelf life of fresh products.

    The most advanced night blinds on the market.
    Miatech can offer you a powerful solution with our Aspis Night Blinds, which are the most advanced and effective cold shielding screens for refrigeration cases.

    I am impressed with the quality of Aspis Night Blinds. They are amazingly durable. You make them too good.

    Kevin Roark, Owner of Bargain Giant Inc.

    The entire design of night covers is really good. The magnets and screen are high-quality. Aspis Night Blinds do their job well to keep the cases cool at night.

    Robert Hunt, Store Manager at Chester’s Thriftway

    Anti-bacterial coating.
    Our unique woven aluminum fabric, with patented anti-bacterial coating, offers superior thermal performance, while at the same time resisting bacteria and the development of bio-film better than any other product on the market. As a result a significantly less damaging mold build-up will save you money on both cleaning cost and ultimately product replacement.
    Unique patented fabric.
    Aspis Night Blinds are made from a true aluminum woven fabric. Unlike plastic or low quality imitations, our blinds are more durable than any other choice in the marketplace. The woven material has different stages of patterns that are uniquely designed to take advantage of areas that have greater air bombardment. The pattern uses greater density fabric weave in these areas, while keeping the blind more breathable in others. This maximizes your energy savings and is friendly to your refrigeration system.
    Speed reducer

    Manual night blinds include a new style speed reducer to prevent rapid roll up, which could cause damage to the blinds.

    Strong magnets

    Aspis Night Blinds are available with strong magnets, allowing for easy installation without screws.

    Available for any type of case.

    Miatech Aspis Night Blinds are compatible with both vertical and horizontal applications.

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