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    In the battle for every potential customer, one doesn’t need to be an expert to understand how important it is to display fresh produce in the grocery store. Whether you are after that new customer, or just trying to keep the ones you have loyal, the technology and services used for perishable control are key to this fight.
    Improves Visual Appeal

    Misted produce has that attractive “fresh picked” look that creates a better store image and builds value in shopper’s mind.

    Cuts Waste by 50% or More

    With misting, you save more than a half of produce that you normally throw away. This of course will mean significantly higher long term profits from your wet-side produce sales.

    Minimizes Weight Losses

    Unmisted wet-side produce usually develops a 7% (or even greater) weight variance compared with misted one during the first six hours!

    More than Doubles Shelf Life

    With Miatech misting your produce display stays fresh for longer. You don’t need to rotate or restock items so often, so the labor cost is also saved.

    Increases Store’s Profits

    Research shows that customers choose to shop in the store that offers produce of the highest quality. Therefore, the better your care is, the higher sales you get.

    Improves Store’s Reputation

    With consistently positive experiences in the produce department, your customers will develop a loyalty to your brand and return over and over again.

    Super friendly ultra fine mist.
    With today’s technology consumers can shop right through the friendly mist, while produce stays fresh and hydrated.
    Better coverage

    With mist light enough and cycled often enough we can get those hard to mist areas like never before.

    Effective hydration

    With special under the shelf mist bar sections and short mist cycles that are repeated more often we obtain the best results.

    Bacteria resistance

    Miatech’s patented mist bar was designed to eliminate the bacteria that you may have seen growing from other misting systems.

    Slip and fall prevention

    With our nozzle-free mist bar we eliminate the risk of slip-and-fall lawsuits usually associated with directional misters.

    Customers love it.
    Water is key to fresh wet-side produce and can it be done without the negative experience customers report from having their arm under the mist.
    Fits any type of case.

    We pride ourselves in being adaptable to any
    kind of display case on the market today.





    Slim and clean look.
    Our mist bar design and placement is intended to achieve the lowest possible profile in your case. The Miatech mist bar appears virtually seamless as if it’s one straight continuous run. We also avoid bulky and unsightly nozzles that add no functional value.
    • Seamless and low-profile
    • Nozzle-free and temper-free
    Superior equipment design.
    Friendly wall mountable powder coated metal cabinets, redundant pumps that eliminate down time for pump failure, LED diagnostics that minimize service issues, built in pressure gauges to measure performance, color coded tubing for easy repair.
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    Effective humidity control for produce walk-in coolers.
    You take daily deliveries to the store, and the produce moves so fast that you would hardly benefit from proper humidity control in the produce walk-in-cooler, right?
    Cuts Weight Loss by 50% or More

    It is universally accepted that high humidity conditions help significantly in the retention of the natural moisture content in stored produce. Our humidification systems cut weight loss by half or more.

    Extends Storage Life

    Being a living organism, fresh produce, when properly hydrated is proven to stay healthy longer and have an increased ability to fight harmful microorganisms. Proper humidification ensures extended shelf life.

    Maintains High Quality Produce

    Refrigeration tends to dry the air in walk-in coolers, as does frequent in and out personnel traffic. Our humidification systems restore proper humidity levels in order to maintain high produce quality.

    Greater Flexibility for Time in Storage

    Extended shelf life and delayed weight loss provide new opportunities when it comes to inventory. These added benefits allow more produce to be kept for longer periods without worrying about loss of quality or running out of certain items.

    Protects Your Profits

    Since most produce is sold by weight, it becomes clear that humidification provides great benefits by cutting weight loss and extending shelf life. Weight savings alone will pay for the system in just few months.

    Improves Store’s Image

    By increasing the overall quality of produce, our solutions help to achieve one of the ultimate goals — help retailers to win new customers and satisfy the existing ones beyond their expectations. Consistently delivering top notch perishables provides opportunities to capture new markets.

    Ultra fine fog for effective hydration.
    Ultra fine fog evaporates within a couple of seconds, leaving produce plastic containers or boxes dry while delivering an advantageous level of humidity.
    Automatic humidity control

    Built-in humidity controller allows user to set and maintain a desired level of humidity.

    No more wet floors and products

    Specially designed fogging head will put humidity only into the air, and not on the floor.

    Suitable for any walk-in cooler.
    Miatech’s humidification systems can be customized to any size walk-in cooler.
    Superior equipment design.
    Friendly wall mountable powder coated metal cabinets, LED diagnostics that minimize service issues, built-in pressure gauges to measure performance, color-coded tubing for easy repair.
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    Imagine contaminant-free walk-in cooler.
    Ethylene is one of the major reasons for premature ripening causing produce to become soft and rotten. As produce spoils it creates favorable conditions for mold spores and airborne bacteria. Miatech's unique Bio Turbo systems for walk-in coolers protect stored produce from those negative factors.
    Removes ethylene

    Utilizes the power of ozone in a completely unique and safe way.

    Kills Bacteria & Viruses

    Contains anti-microbial chemical that kills airborne pathogens.

    Prevents Mold & Fungi

    Cleans air of mold spores, preventing it from spreading.

    Extends storage life.
    Bio Turbo significantly improves the lifespan and the quality of stored produce by cleaning storage atmosphere of pathogens.
    • Keep more in stock
    • Protect your profits
    • Improve store's image
    Minimizes cross contamination.
    By killing airborne bacteria, Bio Turbo prevents cross contamination which often takes place when produce of various types are stored in one cold room.
    Prevents premature ripening.
    By removing ethylene from the storage atmosphere, Bio Turbo prevents the process of premature ripening.
    This is how it works.
    The air filter removes dust and visual particles from the air.

    An anti-microbial chemical is applied to the surface of a specially designed disrupter. It works by rupturing the outer membrane of the cells that make up these airborne pathogens. With efficiency rates of 99.5%+, this process stops their normal life development, thus destroying the cells.

    This chamber uses the positive effects of ozone to eliminate ethylene gas. The ozone is safely contained within this chamber and not dispersed throughout the storage area.

    In this final stage, a catalyst is used to change the ozone into clean oxygen. The catalyst creates a reaction that breaks down the ozone molecule. From here the clean oxygen is released back into the environment.

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