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      Industry Experts

      We manufacture perishable control equipment for a variety of applications. Our entire line of products is designed to improve the retailer, distributor and grower’s bottom line.


      Using the best available science is allowing Miatech to develop technologies that best address the issues of today and into the future.


      Our factory trained technicians specialize in all aspects of perishable control, water treatment, equipment installation and maintenance.


      Miatech has invested in technologies and approaches such as software and GPS tracking for dispatching in order to provide exceptional service to our clients.


      Miatech’s category managers are experts in perishable care. They are focused on the latest industry practices and technology.


      Lead our industry in every way. From the earliest stages of research and development to manufacturing, automation, customer support and leadership with a foundation based on honesty and integrity.

      Innovate, innovate, and innovate. Our products and services will remain on the “cutting edge” of our industry’s evolution.

      Overwhelm the competition by offering superior products, innovative marketing strategies, and unsurpassed customer service and support.

      Nurture our team in an environment where personal growth, honesty, and loyalty are highly valued and promoted.

      Serve our customers and strategic partners in ways that contribute to their success and thus guarantee our own.


      With our equipment in more than 50 countries around the world, we service our customers through an extensive dealer network that is trained to make sure you have the best experience with our products. Companies using Miatech products experience the ability to provide fresher perishables to the marketplace. This has an impact on their reputation as well as their bottom line.


      Our trained professionals travel throughout the world supporting our dealers and end users. In fact, it’s our unique team of people that really make Miatech the right company for you.
      • Perishable experts
      • Factory trained technicians
      • Professional customer support