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      Add vital humidity to your produce storage rooms.

      Miatech can provide an array of products capable of humidifying any type of room. We can create and maintain humidity levels of 95% or higher, cutting product shrinkage by as much as 50%. It improves the quality and appearance of your stored products, which in turn creates savings for your business.

      Maintain High Produce Quality

      Even the freshest produce is known to deteriorate rather quickly in low humidity conditions. Refrigeration system tends to dry the air in the cold room, as does frequent in and out personnel traffic. Proper humidity level needs to be continuously restored in order to maintain high produce quality.

      Cut Weight Losses by 50% or More

      It is universally accepted that high humidity conditions help significantly in the retention of the natural moisture content in stored produce. Miatech’s humidification systems allow user to set and maintain a steady RH level, thereby cutting weight loss by half or more.

      Extend Storage Life

      Being a living organism, fresh produce, when properly hydrated is proven to stay healthy longer and have an increased ability to fight harmful microorganisms. Proper humidification ensures extended shelf life.

      Protect your profits.

      Since most produce is sold by weight, it’s clear that humidification provides great benefits by cutting weight loss and extending shelf life. Weight savings alone will pay for the system in just a few months.

      Different types of fogging

      We have designed several types of the fogging heads for maintaining advantageous level of humidity. All of them create ultra-light fog, but the amount of spread moisture varies. The choice depends on the customer demand, as well as on the size and layout of the storage room.

      Automatic humidity control

      All our humidification systems are controlled by the humidistat, thus desired level of humidity can be easily set up and maintained consistent in a given produce storage area requiring no attention from the personnel.

      Improved reputation, happier customers, consistently fresh product.

      Findings show that the difference between 70% humidity and 90% humidity typically results in half as much loss in weight. Significant difference in product quality is noticeable even after 24 hours of storage with added humidity versus without. Something as simple as a humidification system can have a tremendous effect on your business and subsequently on your customer’s business as well.

      Superior equipment design.

      Friendly wall mountable powder coated metal cabinets, LED diagnostics that minimize service issues, built-in pressure gauges to measure performance, color-coded tubing for easy repair.
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      Ethylene and airborne pathogens are not an issue anymore.

      Storing fruits and vegetables while minimizing losses involves not just properly maintaining temperature and humidity, but also the reduction of ethylene and airborne pathogens. Miatech's Bio Turbo is a patented technology for cleaning the air from all sorts of airborne organic compounds. It effectively removes ethylene gas, bacteria, mold spores and viruses.

      Removes ethylene

      Utilizes the power of ozone in a completely unique and safe way.

      Kills Bacteria & Viruses

      Contains a specially designed cell disrupter that kills airborne pathogens.

      Prevents Mold & Fungi

      Cleans air of mold spores, preventing it from spreading.

      Bio Turbo extends storage life.

      Significantly improves the lifespan and the quality of stored produce by cleaning storage atmosphere of pathogens.

      Prevents Premature Ripening

      By removing ethylene from the storage atmosphere, Bio Turbo prevents the process of premature ripening.

      Minimizes Cross Contamination

      By killing airborne bacteria, Bio Turbo prevents cross contamination which often takes place when produce of various types are stored in one cold room.

      Bio Turbo decreases odors.

      Bio Turbo significantly cuts down on the odors caused by ethylene. It helps to provide a more pleasant environment for the staff to work around.
      This is how it works.
      The air filter removes dust and visual particles from the air.

      An anti-microbial chemical is applied to the surface of a specially designed disrupter. It works by rupturing the outer membrane of the cells that make up these airborne pathogens. With efficiency rates of 99.5%+, this process stops their normal life development, thus destroying the cells.

      This chamber uses the positive effects of ozone to eliminate ethylene gas. The ozone is safely contained within this chamber and not dispersed throughout the storage area.

      In this final stage, a catalyst is used to change the ozone into clean oxygen. The catalyst creates a reaction that breaks down the ozone molecule. From here the clean oxygen is released back into the environment.

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      Our friendly staff will answer any of your questions.