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    Top notch meat service case humidification.
    When it comes to meat, dehydration and weight loss greatly influence overall appearance. As a result, meat cannot be sold as fresh, resulting in waste, and ultimately loss of profits. Proper humidification will eliminate the “tired look” and enhance product appearance.
    Improved Appearance

    Nowadays customers have become more particular and demanding of product quality, and wanting the freshest perishables. Humidification improves product appearance by adding an appealing “sheen“ that the customer appreciates, even with higher prices.

    Reduced Weight Loss

    Proper humidification provides meats the amount of moisture they need to help retain their weight. Since most meats are composed largely of water, weight loss due to inadequate moisture can be a crucial factor (raw meat is typically 56–73% water content).

    Extended Shelf Life

    Miatech’s humidification system extends shelf life and prolongs the fresh appearance of products by maintaining the balance of moisture content. Providing far greater flexibility for the time on display.

    Double the freshness, double the satisfaction.
    Statistics show that service case humidification can cut weight loss by half or more, and prolong the shelf life of displayed products. This is important to shoppers that cite freshness as one of the most important factors driving their purchasing decisions.
    Three types of fog.

    We have three different humidification systems that allow each service case to achieve the maximum benefit of humidification.

    Customers notice everything, give them what they want.
    Quality perishables have a significant impact on store image, reputation and ultimately its bottom line. This is especially true with meat which is often displayed in eye-catching service cases, and need to be most appealing.
    We uniquely fit any case on the market.
    Whether you have gravity coil, forced air, glycol or any other type of case Miatech has the most appropriate solution.
    • Glycol
    • Gravity coil
    • Forced air
    • Ice tables
    Superior equipment design.
    Friendly wall mountable powder coated metal cabinets, redundant pumps that eliminate down time for pump failure, LED diagnostics that minimize service issues, built in pressure gauges to measure performance, color coded tubing for easy repair.
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