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      Water treatment solutions and factory service nationwide.

      Miatech is your complete solution when it comes to water treatment and filtration. We manufacture equipment that fits your needs while providing complete service and support at a set monthly price.

      Common Applications

      Although we can be up to a task to provide a reliable water treatment solution for almost any commercial application most of our customers usually come from the following areas.


      Our water experts will spec and install an optimal water treatment solution for misting systems, steamers, combi-ovens, ice making and soda machines in your store.

      Food Service

      Miatech has you covered when it comes to high-quality water for your restaurant or coffee shop. Beverage dispensing or ice machines, steamers, proofers or coffee makers — we do it all.


      We work closely with each of our clients to work out the most favorable solution that meets their specific pharmaceutical water treatment requirements.

      Need more information?

      Our friendly staff will answer any of your questions.

      Nationwide factory service makes the most sense.

      When it comes to servicing water treatment equipment such as reverse osmosis, water softening and filtration, companies are forced to work with numerous local contractors, as there were simply no company, that offered nationwide service on the market before. Miatech is changing that with the network of factory-trained technicians covering all continental states with unmatched service.

      Nationwide coverage

      No other perishable control equipment manufacturer or service provider offers such a complete solution.

      Real time GPS tracking

      By utilizing GPS trackers that are integrated into our service vehicles we achieve nearly perfect routing.

      Fuel-efficient vehicles

      We’ve invested in a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles making service more accessible and affordable.

      Mobile app

      A specially developed mobile app allows our technicians to complete work faster and save time on the phone with our dispatchers.

      Consistent water quality you can trust.
      Miatech's systems deliver water that meets the strict standards of quality and sanitation of foodservice industry and grocery stores. Paired with Miatech's nationwide factory service our clients receive an uninterrupted supply of clean water they can rely on. Automated timely filter and membrane change protects your valuable equipment.
      • Drinking water (water fountain)
      • Coffee and espresso machines
      • Oven proofers, steamers and combi-ovens
      • Ice makers
      • Soda machines (beverage)
      • Warewashing
      Need more information?

      Our friendly staff will answer any of your questions.

      Making it happen on schedule.
      Miatech’s proprietary software allows you to forget about everything, while we get it done. Filter and membrane change frequency in our software is set based on inlet water quality in your area and the software will send a technician just in time automatically.
      • Automated timely filter replacements
      • Eliminates human factor and neglect
      • Protection for your valuable equipment
      • Money and time savings
      • Consistent water quality

      Superior equipment design.

      Friendly wall mountable powder coated metal cabinets, LED diagnostics that minimize service issues, built-in pressure gauges to measure performance, color-coded tubing for easy repair.

      Remote status monitoring.

      Thanks to our innovative remote monitoring devices that transmit data from various sensors to our software, we are able to perform preventive maintenance before water quality drops to undesirable levels or costly equipment breakdowns happen.
      Around the clock customer support.
      Our customer support and dispatch teams have you covered. Nearly 24 hours a day access through the week for scheduling service and supporting your needs.

      Efficiency is our greatest competitive advantage.

      Miatech has become a market leader by investing in various technologies and approaches such as proprietary software, GPS tracking and around the clock customer support. This allows us to provide exceptional nationwide service coverage for our clients and we are continuously expanding our operations.

      Predictable monthly invoicing

      Miatech is your complete solution. We manufacture equipment that fits your needs while providing complete service and support at a set monthly price.

      Miatech makes getting started easy

      There are no contracts to sign and you can stop the service at any time with just 90-days written notice. Advance surveys are possible, or in most cases we can install, update, and implement as we survey, saving time and money.

      Keeping all your service history

      A complete dispatch and service record is available for you by location or a particular piece of equipment, year after year. No records to keep as we do that for you. Need an occasional report or evaluation, our team will handle it all, and keep things simple for you.